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Digital Video Surveillance Systems

The most significant development in video surveillance system technology in recent years has been the evolution from analog, VCR-based systems, to digital systems with digital video recorders. Going digital makes image storage and retrieval far easier and systematic. Rather than skimming through hours of video tape to view an image of interest, digital video files can be searched instantly by date and time.

Digital Video Surveillance systems offer high quality, flexible security features such as:

Off-site Monitoring - Digital video cameras let users observe from any PC within a network or any PC anywhere (with the client software and high speed Internet), eliminating the expense of high-end dedicated phone lines.

Image Capture - Digital images and the related ability to control the viewing experience through software configuration greatly enhances visual recording quality.

Archiving/Storage - With digital video surveillance, media is saved on hard disk and easily searched. Advanced search capabilities allow the user to quickly get to relevant areas of the video, greatly reducing time spent viewing video clips.

Digital surveillance systems can effectively provide organizations with a safer environment and address security issues such as:

  • Staff Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management
  • Loss Prevention Investigation
  • Vandalism Deterrence
  • Liability Defense
  • Access Control
  • Customer Safety
  • Marketing & Merchandising

Our Digital Video Security Solutions Include:

  • Consulting and system design
  • Hardware and software installation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Integration into the overall IT infrastructure

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  • Managed Servers, Desktops and Applications
  • Help Desk for Windows & Mac OS
  • On site & Remote Support
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Manage Firewall / Router / VPN

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